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About Us.

Well I should say, Me. 

Hi my name is Rocio but I also go by Honey! Im from California! I'm 25 years old and began sewing since the age of 15. My mom is the talented seamstress that thought me everything I know. I didn't take my sewing seriously until I had my son in 2015. He was definitely 100% my inspiration. That's when I decided to open up my small shop. The name Reddies Craft was made up by my husband. He liked the name "Reds" but we decided to give it a cute twist and decided the word "Reddies" would fit our brand perfect!  I sew throughout all hours of the day since I have a 3 year old with me 24/7. So my days are flexible most of the time. Overall, i really enjoy everything I do for this business. I wouldn't choose to do anything else, because if God blessed me with this talent, then I need to put it to use. I appreciate all the support I have gotten through out the years! Thanks a million!